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Hyatt Category 1-4 Certificates Gift to Missionaries & Those In Ministry

In this post I wanted to go over the gifting of Hyatt Category 1-4 certificates to missionaries.

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Deadline for Booking

When an award night is going to be gifted, it's often because it would expire with the original recipient who paid for it being unable to use it. There's typically a short timeline for booking before expiration. With that in mind, for any free night I offer, I require a 48 hr window for confirmation of a hotel & date including the information needed for booking before it's offered to someone else. If it's offered to someone else, the 1st person can still confirm it at any time if they haven't yet.

Booking Needs

Example Booking Starting by Searching by Category: Japan (part 1)

Search by Date Japan Example (part 2)


Not Viable Alternatives to Hyatt Category 1-4 Certificates

Viable Alternatives to Hyatt Category 1-4 Certificates

Best Practices

Not Giftable to Others

More Details


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