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Ministry Miles

Jet Fueling Christian Ministry with miles & certificates for travel via train, plane, rental cars, & otherwise while also sharing options for hotels & other travel arrangements

Formal Points Donations

For those who don't know, while some non-profits benefit from the gift of miles from donors, it can be difficult for ministries to have that available in the typical donor style available with miles currencies. For instance, certain non-profits, especially those engaged in any proselytization, are systematically excluded from participating in those gifts. For example, United MileagePlus "Miles on a Mission" has a policy that faith-based charities "not provide faith-based instruction or education, and do not encourage... constituents to learn about or adhere to the charity’s faith-based beliefs." The American Airlines donor page doesn't allow for the donors to select specific organizations. In most cases, airlines only allow a limited number of charities to be donated to, and are highly selective about them. If your ministry were to apply for miles donations being eligible from a few dozen airlines and hotel partners, it's possible that none of those requests would yield the ability to get donations directly. It's worth a shot though on some of the major points currencies available if you have a relatively large ministry (especially if your ministry provides physical or other non-spiritual aid since so many organizations with miles/points currencies are secular & don't favor evangelism) so that those completely unaware of your ministry can become aware of it and a donor if you are approved.

For typically more viable donor options through "friend" gifting or bookings, go here.

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